April - June, 2019

James Hubbard - "Surf and Reef"

Space - Featured Artist Gallery

July - August, 2019

Anita Gordon - "Traveler's Lens"

Space - Featured Artist Gallery

The “Traveler’s Lens” series of plein air paintings was created during Gordon’s Spring, 2019 trip to Ireland. Anita is excited to present her art and discuss her experiences which were a basis for landscape reflections and color explorations throughout her sojourn. Anita is a WEBO alumna and currently a senior at Herron School of Art & Design, focusing on figurative painting among other styles.

August & September, 2019

CJ Laster: Collected works

Space - Gallery on 1, as a prelude to setting up the gallery for group displays for SCCA artists

CJ is an internationally-trained porcelain artist who has a studio at the center and regularly introduces new work for sale in the Gallery on 1 and the Gift Shop

September & October, 2019

Ardie Bowles & Denise Bechtold: "Gourds"

Space - Featured Artist Gallery

November & December, 2019

Kurt Ihrig: "Woodcuts"

Space - Featured Artist Gallery

Kurt recently participated in our print exhibition and has hung some of his work as Featured Artist for the last months of 2019

November & December, 2019

James Hubbard - "New Works"

Space - Nook Gallery

Prints created during 2019 by James are on display in the Nook Gallery on the second floor

  • A variety of subjects are represented including gardens and wilderness scenes, as well as seascapes

  • All work is deliberately unframed and this sets a precedent for how this gallery will be used

  • Each print is available for purchase

The Nook Gallery (old Book Nook) was refurbished by James as a summer project