Non-Resident Artists

Guest Artists

Marcos Bautista

Melisa Imbus - Knitting/Sewing

Linda Fahrenbach - Sewing

Jessica Morgan - Visual Arts

Carol Mueller - T-shirts

Chuck Mohr - Wood Turning

Unzicker Brothers - Pottery

Bob Woody - Wood Turning

Rodney Reveal - Painting

Earlene Stanifer - Material Art

Jill Stockwell - Painting

Artists represented by the center:

The artists are assigned one of the following categories and are listed alphabetically within a category: Resident Artist - those with studios at the center; Non-resident Artist - those who have studio or workshop space elsewhere, but regularly volunteer and/or show and sell through the center galleries or gift shop; Guest Artist - regional artists who show as guests of the resident artists and who may be featured artists or may sell through the gift shop

Resident Artists

Denise Bechtold- Gourd Art/Photography

Denise often creates seasonal cartoon characters from gourds and mixed media. Although her photography subjects are broad she is influenced by the flora and fauna of the Florida coast

Ardie Bowles - Gourd & Seasonal Art

Ardies uses gourds as her main medium, but is not averse to using any media as she decorates her gourds or other crafts

Although a resident artist, Ardie is part of the management teams for the gift shop and gallery openings

Susan Fletcher Conaway - fiber artist

Susan moved her fiber art studio into SCAC in the summer 2019

Using traditional and contemporary quilting techniques Susan creates balanced patterns, landscapes, florals and abstracts that allow her creativity to flow through shredding and tearing and dying fabric as well as using prominent hand stitching

Much of her media is re-purposed from clothing and other fabric articles

Daniel T Driggs - Paintings in Acrylics & Oils

Daniel Driggs uses different styles to create his works

His out-of-chaos series relies on abstract backgrounds to his representational art with animal and human figures, while his landscapes and studio groupings move towards a more impressionistic form

James Hubbard - Printmaker

Although now predominantly working on printmaking, James mixes his styles to include marbelizing, lino-cut, etching and occasionally paints with watercolors

During 2019, James took on the task of curator of exhibitions and shows in the galleries on the first and second floors as well as  creating the Nook Gallery for unframed works on paper

Erin Bazaar.jpg

CJ Laster - Porcelain Artist

CJ is an internationally trained porcelain painter who uses 2- and 3- dimensional porcelain blanks to create images of flora and fauna, as well as vehicles and buildings, in both traditional and contemporary styles

Erin Salewicz - Mixed Media

Michael Sprague - Potter, Crystalline-Glaze Ceramics